Cottage Living with @MujiCanada #MujiToGo


#MujiToGo makes cottage travel easy and fun.

The team at Muji Canada was so kind to gift me with a Black Hard Case luggage.

Usually I am the kind of person to just take a large tote, or weekend bag – but I actually found it much more useful to pack in this beautiful creation.

Over the last few months I have started to learn and understand how to keep myself and my spaces more tidy.  While it is hard to get rid of stuff you’ve had, the feeling of a fresh and open space, there really is nothing like it.

Using a Muji product like their luggage – in it’s design it makes you think about the uses, and things you actually need.  I can guarantee that there is pretty much no way you will bring anything you don’t need .

With the amazing accessories and compartments, you also only will use the space you need when you need it.

Muji, while I am a new fan of the brand, it is easy to love.  Not just because of it’s simplicity but the reasonable prices and the effortless uses.

I am not always someone who travels, but every few weekends you will find me at the cottage. My parents have a lovely one and I usually need something to bring my clothes and everything else in.  It is so nice using a hard case from Muji because I know that even if everything moves around, my valuables in the Muji hard case will stay intact and in place.

Having used a neck rest before I was uneasy about trying it again.  Never found them half as comfortable as the one from Muji Canada.  I could literally fall asleep with it on my neck.  Also, it is made with the same beads from the Muji Bead Sofa so you know it will be perfect.

Whether you are taking a trip up north to the Cottage with friends, or travelling across Europe you will be so happy to have a Muji Luggage to accompany you through your travels.

Best always,

Melissa ❤


#NYXClassof2016 Launch !

I am so so so excited about the NYX Canada launch today! Last night I attended the #NYXClassOf2016 Prom Inspired event.  It was a beautiful and fun evening.  It was so great to check out the stunning collection.

Finally arrived at the Berkeley Church – so so excited !! 
I’ll take one of everything ! 

Perfect accessory for your little black dress… shimmer eye shadow !

Signing the Grand Opening celebration board!

Cheers to an amazing night !

As a gift, guests were given the CUTEST vegan leather backpack – with their Beauty School Dropout palette, and an adorable colouring book and pencil crayons.  Yes I love to colour my eyes as much as colouring in general so I was thrilled to receive this.

It is launching today at the Toronto Eaton Centre location !!  This is NYX’s 3rd Canadian store!  They are also giving away up to 1K prizes everyday ( May 13, 14 & 15 ) I am sure the launch at the Toronto Eaton Centre today will be  packed full of beauty enthusiasts looking to perfect their summer looks.

Best always,

Melissa ♥


If you are looking for the perfect piece from cottage to home to lounge in then the Muji Beads Sofa is for you  !


I have always loved anything from Muji so I was thrilled for them to reach out to me.  I was lucky enough to visit the Head Office


and meet the President of Muji Canada, Toru Akita.


It was an incredible experience.  He is such a down to earth person and very passionate about this beautiful company.


They later sent me a Muji Beads Sofa – I chose a grey beige colour.  Not only is it super comfortable to relax in for reading a book, but even I have nearly fell asleep in it.  What I love about it is that the material of the cover is made from the same as bathing suits.  You cannot get more durable.  But I have always loved their products.  From a bath sponge to stationary there products have always been great essentials for everyday living.

It is not your typical bean bag chair.  It is one you would love to have in your home.  When at the Head Office they said that it is a piece that friends, family and pets will want to use all the time.

I even love to use the app as well, while relaxing in my Muji Bead Sofa.  It is available for Android and iPhone.  All you have to do is put your finger on the camera lense of your phone.  It then chooses a music that will keep you calm.  You can download the app here.


You will soon be able to get a larger collection of beads sofa covers. Starting May 13, brand new beads sofa’s covers & 15% off on beads sofa and beads sofa’s cover!

#MUMUJIBEADSSOFA hashtags for all grsat things Muji !

Best always,

Melissa ♥

Giveaway : Dermalogica Body Therapy Skin Kit


Hand cream as always been an essential for me.  So whenever I go up to the cottage on the weekend with family it is no surprise that I cannot decide which one. An easy fave of mine is 100% the Dermalogica Hydrating Cream.  With Dermalogica,  I knew I loved it as soon as I tried this amazing line of products.  Not only is it non-scented so it can be used by anyone without getting a flowery scent – but I have tried easily every cream that exists and nothing moisturizes like it.


Simply put it is like eating an avocado but instead letting its creamy nourishment be absorbed into your skin.

One of my favourite experiences with Dermalogica was a skin care treatment I had with them.  It was so amazing to have all of the toxins from air on the TTC you share with everyone to the fluff and stuff from your favourite sweater going on each morning.  It provides a clean feel for your next month.

One of Dermalogica’s products which gives you the same feel at home is their Daily Microfoliant.  Just about the size of a pea of this stuff with water, scrub it gently on your face paired with any of their moisturizers and you are ready to start your day!


I am more than excited to be helping you stay refreshed for a Cottage Weekend or getaway with their new Body Therapy Skin Kit.


Click here and follow Dermalogica on Instagram and Twitter to be qualified as a winner! ( not that you aren’t following them already )

What is your favourite Dermalogica product ? What would you love to see from them?

Let me know in the comments section below !

*This contest is only open to residents in the GTA.

PS. If you haven’t tried their Ultimate Buffing Cloth – you have to ASAP.  For smooth skin for your entire body – it will be your new BFF this summer.


Best always,

Melissa ♥

Aga Khan Museum : A City Transformed

This was my first visit to the Aga Khan Museum. The evening began with dinner at Diwan Restaurant, known through the work of Mark McEwan.  While I was not sure what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised.The exhibition is on until June 26 2016.


One of the most immersive experiences at a Museum. Both with art and the culture of great food.

With the Aga Khan Museum’s photography collection it was incredible.

Being able to spend the evening with Turkish delicious food and beautiful artwork was amazing. I felt as though I was physically transported back to the 1850s. A world I was never a part of and yet I felt so emotionally drawn into.

Some of the panoramic shots were breathtaking.  It was interesting to see how much these countries have had an influence on the other photographers of the world.

Will definitely be back to see more incredible photos at this Museum.

Best always,

Melissa ♥